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06 July 2007 @ 09:16 pm
OOC: Hiatus  
On Monday morning I'm going on my "vacation" (as my whole family insist) or to Hell (as I'm calling it). Anyway I'm going to be in a complete hell hole, cut out from any kind of civilization for about 10 days, until 19th/20th of July. Although I'm leaving on Monday, it might be impossible for me to be much online before that time, with all getting ready to leave and packing. I was going to post a log for Tsurugi, but I might not find the time, so please, I AM playing him!

Anyway, I'm taking my boys with me, so they would keep me company, therefore Aoi aoi_drama71 and Tsurugi tsuru_chaos are going to be on hiatus from about 7th to 19th/20th of July  (in a drastic situation till 23rd)

(If you'll see us online, on 7th or 8th though, it's perfectly fine to play with them.)

So.... Bye and take care! We'll miss you all! (especially Aoi ;) )

Current Mood: stressedstressed